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Our weather station at the Dybvad site monitors the weather conditions in the area at all times and broadcasts the data online.

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Follow the exploration process in Nordjylland, where Total E&P Denmark B.V. and Nordsøfonden are in a long exploration phase to possibly find and extract shale gas.

Current status from the 
Vendsyssel drilling site

The first exploration well in Denmark (called Vendsyssel-1) has being drilled on Ovnstrupvej, between Dybvad and Brønden in Frederikshavn Municipality.


150706 Total Tidslinje Eng


Week 48, 2015:

Restoration works at the Dybvad site are progressing well. All of the drilling equipment has been decommissioned and removed. The surface is being restored and should be returned to its natural state before the end of the year.

Dybvad Restoration 002 720Px


Week 34, 2015:

The drilling of the exploration well at Vendsyssel-1 in Dybvad has now been completed. Test results show that the shale layer is too thin for economically feasible gas production.


Week 33, 2015:

A new noise reduction barrier has been installed on the drilling site. The barrier will reduce the noise impact in the surrounding area.

Below ground the well has reached the 8.5 inches section, which is the last section to be drilled.

IMG 1559 Noise Barrier 720Px

Week 28, 2015: 

Not a lot of visible change above ground, however the drilling is now at about half distance, 2 km below ground. We should reach the Alum shale at nearly 4 km in August.

Week 28 DSC 0116 720Px

Week 23, 2015:

After a temporary hold for clarification with the Danish authorities, drilling recommenced on the 1st June.

Wk 23 DSC 0193 

Week 20, 2015:

A site information board has been erected so that visitors have the opportunity to better understand the activity they see in the background.

Week 20 DSC 0190 

Week 19, 2015

The  test drilling at Vendsyssel-1 is now underway (read the news story here). The drilling process is expected to last for about 2 months.

Wk 19 2NK 7811 720Px

Week 16, 2015

As can be seen, the drilling rig build is very near to completion. We are currently undertaking tests to ensure everything is in good working order. There has been no drilling yet.

Wk 16 Rig 720Px


Week 14, 2015

Limited activity on site at the moment. We are currently receiving miscellaneous loads of material  in preparation for  our project over the coming months. Just arrived  this week some storage tanks and  additional offices.  We’ll keep you informed of the progress on this page.

Wk14 Containers 720Px 


Week 12, 2015

Welcome again to our regular updates page, that has been inactive for some weeks. This week however saw the arrival of trucks carrying sections of pipe to be used later in our project. Also an additional container to be used as another office. Still no arrival of our drilling rig, that has been delayed slightly, but we will keep you informed on this page.

Wk12 - Pipe truck arrives at shale exploration site, Nordjylland, Denmark


Week 17 (wk 47)

The site well pad area is now complete and we await the erection of the drilling rig in the new year, when we will continue to keep you updated.

In the video below you can follow some of the surface construction works:

Film Play









Drilling will not commence until these civil works have been completed and final authorisations are in place. The drilling rig is expected to be constructed early in 2015.


Dybvad Wk17 720Px 

Week 16 (wk 46)

The installation of, and cementing in place of a conductor pipe. This pipe will control the direction of the drill-pipe and enable drill cuttings and debris to be pumped safely to the surface for collection with minimal environmental impact.

Dybvad Wk 46B 720Px 

Week 15 (wk 45)

The arrival of the drill casings, these strong steel liners will be installed in multiple thicknesses, and sealed with cement to protect any soil and groundwater they pass through. 

Dybvad Wk 45 720Px 

Week 14 (wk 44)

A second water well is drilled, this will enable much more efficient water quality monitoring. 

Dybvad Wk 44 720Px 

Week 13 (wk 43)

When completed, the well pad area is strong and resistant to spillage, with a dedicated drainage system to ensure any dirt or surface spills are collected in the isolation lagoons. The exploration well will be drilled early next year from this central drill hole. 

Dybvad Wk 43 720Px 

Week 12 (wk 42) 

The pad area approaches completion with surface “grouting” and the installation of lighting.

Dybvad Wk 42 720Px 

Week  11 (wk 41)

The surface is finished using a strong block paving offering mechanical protection to the layers below.

Dybvad Wk11 720Px 

Wk 10 (wk 40).

The levelled ground is covered in an impermeable layer of bitumen and sand that will protect the soil and groundwater below in case there is any spillage at the surface.

Dybvad Wk10 720Px 

WK 9 (wk 39)

After the drains and services are installed the site can be levelled

Dybvad Wk09 720Px 

Week 8 (wk 38):

Good site fencing is essential for both safety and security, and banking reduces noise.

Uge 8 Dybvad  

Week 7 (wk 37):

The entrance area is completed with asphalt.

Uge 7 Dybvad


Week 6 (wk 36):

The drainage lagoons are lined to make them watertight to protect the groundwater below.

Rainbow Dybvad


Week 5 (wk 35):

Concrete foundations will make the well pad secure.

Well pad foundation


Week 4 (wk 34):

Drainage lagoons for the collection of rainwater. These will function as observation- and retention-basins to ensure the water is clean prior to discharge of the water to Ovnstrup Bæk.

Dyvad IMG 1008 720Px


Week 3 (wk 33):

Widening the site entrance will make access easier and safer.



Week 2 (wk 32):

The raised embankments (see the photo below) will not only help in reducing the visible impact of the site, but fulfil the significant design function of helping reduce site noise for our neighbours.

IMG 0745 720Px 

Week 1 (wk 31):